What Sets TrashBolt Software Apart?

What Sets TrashBolt Software Apart from Other Software?

Promo Codes

TrashBolt’s Promo Code feature allows our clients to choose unique codes to use in their marketing efforts. Promo Codes make it easy to offer a special to a specific area and to track the success of your marketing campaign. Promo codes can result in an instant discount of a set dollar amount (subtracted from the total due) or can indicated that credit will be given on a future bill.

How do promo codes work in TrashBolt?

When a customer enters a promo code, a line item is injected into the pricing table on the final agreement that describes the special or discount. Some examples of line-item text include:

  • Promo Code Spring25 – A $25 credit will be applied to your next invoice.
  • Save10now – Here is your $10 discount! (Applied to total due)
  • FreeMonth – A credit for one free month of service will be applied to your next bill.

If a promo code specifies that a credit will be given on the next bill, your office staff will have to track these sales and apply the appropriate credit on the customer’s next invoice. And even better, the Promo Codes will be shown on the daily sales report.

Promo codes are a great marketing tool to offer a special deal to potential customers!

QR Codes

QR Codes are an excellent way to convert paper media campaign recipients into a digital signup medium, which many of your customers prefer, and can be used in conjunction with Promo Codes.

Where does the QR code direct the customer to?

The QR code usually directs the user to your Online Signup Form but they can be linked to any page on your website. The reason for directing the link to the Online Signup form is to let customers easily signup rather than them going through multiple pages on your site. 


No Redirection

Never buy a shopping cart system that redirects your customer away from your website!

Today’s typical customers search for waste services using search phrases like “garbage service near me” or “temporary roll off service near me”.  When the search engine displays results, a customer may click on your website.  When the customer clicks on your website, and interacts with your TrashBolt “buy now” button, the customer is not redirected away from your website.  Instead, TrashBolt is installed on your website, and therefore the customer’s user session remains on your website.  TrashBolt uses Google Tag Manager technology to assist with session tracking so you can make better marketing decisions.

As the customer interacts with TrashBolt, entering their address, viewing their quote, signing up and paying for service, that usage results in what Google refers to as “dwell time”.  The longer the dwell time, the more Google determines that your website has “relevant content” with respect to the original key phrase used to find your website.  So, the next time a customer uses that key phrase, Google will rank your website higher in the search results, because your site has relevant content.  Therefore, installing TrashBolt on your website is an excellent Search Engine Optimization strategy.  

Any software that redirects your customers away from your website should be avoided.