SalesStryke and GDT Managed Marketing Packages

Customer Focused Marketing Technology for Waste Haulers!

Grow Your Business and Increase Profits

Customer Focused Marketing Technology for Waste Haulers!

Grow Your Business & Increase Profits



Waste reviews are often misleading. You can pick up 10,000 customer's trash perfectly and miss one. Guess who left the only review? The one you missed.
In order to boost and repair your Google reviews, we engage with the customers who love your service to get them to write you a positive review!

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Tired of hit and miss marketing? Our programs use several proven ways to attract new customers by using demographics and geo-location to target specific groups of people or a
defined location. We will work with you to deliver emails, text messages, and flyer campaigns to your target audience.

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We engage neighborhoods by incentivizing them to use one Hauler. It takes work to capture a neighborhood but once your Company has achieved success, the likelihood of retaining those customers goes way up. The handwork can happen in several different ways.

  • Neighborhood Champion:
    Happy customers are a great source of new customer referrals. These are the customers who
    post on your social media, leave reviews, and support your company. We help you identify these
    customers and harness the power of a neighborhood referral system. 
  • Flyers and Door Hangers:
    We use geo-location to target the exact areas you wish to grow your business. In addition, we
    will remove your current customers from the mailing list so we are only targeting potential new
    customers. Use our promo code feature to offer a special to only the residents in your target
  • Door to Door Sales:
    How does this work in this day in age? Well, for instance, Waste Haulers can use the TrashBolt system to allow their door-to-door salespeople to easily market to potential customers. They can show a customer a quote on the screen, sign them up, and collect payment. Just like that! Most importantly, all of this data is instantly available in the dashboard of your document management system.

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Our targeted marketing services are based on precise mapping of market areas, so you are reaching the potential customers in the areas where you need the most! We compare purchased
address lists for the target area to your customer list and remove current customers. Only non-customers receive your marketing materials! Here are some of the methods we use that combined with geo-location can generate great sales:

  • Text Messages
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Targeted Google Ads
  • Print Materials:
    - Flyers
    - Brochures
    - Door Hangers

We target the area where you need more customers to maximize route density or even add a new route.

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More than ever businesses are engaging and finding new customers on Social Media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. We offer managed social media campaigns, designed to connect your company with your local community tying marketing to local events, activities, and causes.
Our professional design team will help you create awesome graphics and social media posts.

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Offering Multifaceted Sales Campaigns

We offer full sales campaigns, ala cart campaigns,
& drip campaigns designed for your business.

Smart Campaigns:

QR Code Campaign Services

QR codes engage people. Our research suggests that including a QR code in your advertising can double the response rate. Add a QR code to your flyer or trash carts for an easy "scan and signup." QR codes are a great way to provide any potential customer with your offerings.

Text Message Service Announcements

Looking to engage your customers with useful information. We can make custom text messages programs for your customers. Reminders for trash and recycling, weather and other operational issues, bulky pick-ups, and more.

New Homeowner Targeting

On average 1 of every 7 of your customers moves every year. Capturing the new homeowner is one of the easiest ways to reduce the yearly move out churn. Leave the new homeowners with a doorhanger or flyer that includes a QR code or "New Homeowner Discount" code to help recapture that address.

GDT Marketing and SaleStryke Partnership

The Digital Revolution in Waste Sales

The Gonser Dream Team, GDT, was founded by Jim Gonser and family in 2000 to help waste haulers increase their sales and density using better sales techniques. More than 300,000 thousand sales later GDT is the number one marketing Company for Waste haulers. In 2009 Andrew Sorensen, President of GarbageMan, A Green Company approached GDT with a question. Is it possible to enter a new territory and presell enough customers to start a route at 80% capacity? The results were groundbreaking. GarbageMan grew quickly, making the INC 500’s fastest growing Companies list 3 years in a row. Prior to the sale of GarbageMan both Companies were increasingly going digital to expand their ability to get customers. In 2017 GarbageMan sold to WM and the team focused all their efforts on creating online buying software for the Waste industry and founded SaleStryke. Meanwhile, GDT was pursuing digital and automated sales that
were not being captured by haulers. Today both parties have come together again to offer cutting edge technology and waste knowledge to Haulers across the Country. Jim Gonser, “This partnership is about creating repeatable sales for our haulers that
increase density.”

“Between both Companies we have added over 500,000 customers. We believe this next evolution will allow us to scale to millions of waste sales,” said Andrew Sorensen.

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