Sales Entry System​

Streamline Your Call Center & Save Time

Maximize sales while reducing cost per sale by providing your CSRs/Sales Reps with the best tool possible.  By entering the customer’s service address, TrashBolt’s Sales Entry System will determine service eligibility, show product availability, calculate a quote for service, collect initial payment, and more.

Give Your Sale Reps & CSRs the Power of TrashBolt Online Signup

Customer Service Reps & Inside Sales

Good news, Haulers! The same sophisticated mapping technology in the Online Signup System is also available to your sales reps and CSRs through TrashBolt’s Sales Entry System. What took X-amount of time to  provide a new and accurate quote to a potential customer, will now take your team a matter of minutes. Thus allowing your team to take on more emails, calls – and even catch a breath!  The SES speeds up the process while minimizing everyday mistakes, creating a less stressful work environment. Reps can use it to accurately determine service location eligibility, accurately quote the customer while on the phone, and collect payment for services. 

To begin with when a customer calls in, or emails a request, your sales reps and CSRs can use the TrashBolt SES to provide :

  • Start by entering the customer’s service address into SES to determine if service is available at that location.
  • If service is available, SES then determines the price, with taxes and fees, based on the customer’s service address
  • SES shows your rep all service details, such as day of the week, pricing, taxes, fuel surcharges, etc.
  • SES also shows which optional services or products are available at that address, such as optional recycling, composting, yard waste, etc., so they can provide the customer with everything needed to proceed with service.
  • CSR’s can view the price for all services selected, including the monthly amount of service, and the amount due today to start service (including delivery fees, prepaid months, etc.)
  • CSR’s can be given the option of applying discounts, and/or changing the price of service(s).  Discount ranges can be set to give your team the ability to close sales at a price authorized by management.  
  • SES generates a service agreement for completion and payment while on the phone, or to be emailed to the customer for signature and payment.
  • SES tracks sales by CSR through the system dashboard

Since the Sales Entry System does all of the service eligibility and pricing for your sales reps and CSRs, the SES allows your staff to onboard very quickly, and make fewer, if any, mistakes from their first day.

Sales Entry System​ by trashbolt before and after csr using the Sales Entry System​

Outside/Mobile Tablet Based Sales

The TrashBolt Sales Entry System is totally mobile.  Your outside sales team can:

  • Generate quotes that can be signed and paid on the spot, or emailed to the customer for later signature and payment.
  • Track sales pipeline on a per individual sales rep basis via the system dashboard (or view the activity of all sales reps)
  • Track customers who viewed, completed, or paid for a quote/document
  • Chat with customers to communicate with them through the sales process
  • Edit and/or resend documents to finalize the quote (awesome for commercial quotes!)

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outside mobile tablet based sales outside sales. Salesman knocking on a door holding a tablet with the Sales Entry System