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In case you needed another reason to try Trashbolt, read our client’s testimonials and reviews of TrashBolt Software below. 

"I thought I'd let you know we had a record high of new customers for the month of September. We normally have around 250 - 300. We had 848!!!! 336 of them were Trash Bolt customers!!! There is no way humanly possible we could have answered that many calls and processed that many new customers without Trash Bolt!!!!
I consider your company a gift from God. And I'm very serious about that. It has been a true game changer for us."
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Carleen Wolff
Adams Sanitation added more than 6000 customers in 3 months with TrashBolt, tripling their size!
“It’s been a crazy couple months but the real fun work is about to begin. We’re thankful we have the Trash Bolt system to get us through it!”
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Crystal Boyle
"I loved the TrashBolt concept but was skeptical that it would produce the results as advertised. To my amazement, we had a completed sale within the first half hour of turning it on. It started generating profits for us in just the first 5 days. The software is great, it works as expected, and the support from the TrashBolt team from start to product launch was amazing. Another thing that was unexpected was the continued support, attentiveness, and responsiveness from the TrashBolt team even after the product launch. I would recommend it to anyone searching for a great way to engage with your target audience 24 hours a day!"
Walters Recycling & Refuse logo
Jeff Newsom
Director of Sales & Marketing
"Salesstryke/TrashBolt has been an integral part in growing our business. I recommend them to any hauler looking to expand their customer base."
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Troy Cavell
"Many thanks to you and your team. Quite possibly the best decision we made, or should I say implementation, in 2020!"
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Randy Lee
Chief Operating Officer
"TrashBolt has been fantastic for my business! In the past year, more than 2,400 customers have signed up online. I've even needed to ask TrashBolt to turn off my system for a week so that my operations area could catch up. The software works great and the TrashBolt team is super responsive to my needs, responding and completing requests for changes quickly. Signing up with TrashBolt was a great decision and I highly recommend it!"
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Drew Johnson
"TrashBolt is a game changer for our company!"
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Kenneth Havens
"Going with Trashbolt was the best decision we've ever made!"
Candace Hardee
"We started using TrashBolt about 6 months ago and the entire process with them has been a great experience. I would highly recommend it to any waste hauler who wants to expand their current customer base and keep up with the digital market trend."
Jake Poche
“I wanted to take a second to say thank you. You all have been amazing to work with. I know it hasn't been easy, but I am very grateful for you all. We just hit 300 customers in just over 30 days, and we could not have done it without you! Thank you.”
Danny Crain
You guys are always super helpful and prompt and we love working with you!
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Alisha N.
Office Assistant & CSR
“We had a great experience working with TrashBolt. Communication was always clear and turnaround time was fast. We were given plenty of options and the support we’ve received post go live has been wonderful.”
Randa Techtow
"Our company made the decision to try TrashBolt due to the volume of customer calls we receive daily. We never expected it to be as awesome as it is!!! We had our first complete signup and sale within 30 minutes of going live!!! We find that the heaviest volume of new signups is over the weekends when our office is not open. I would highly recommend it!! The team at TrashBolt is truly awesome, they are definitely there to make sure the product works correctly for you, the customer. It has been everything we hoped for and much much more. I wish we had known about it several years ago!! There have been NO negatives or downside to going with TrashBolt. Great experience, great product. I must say, that your company is the FIRST software company I have EVER worked with that was a pleasant experience while going through setup and going live. Even with all our distractions that we had on our side, your team was extremely patient and helpful. You have a great company!!"
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Carleen Wolff