TrashBolt for Soft-Pak

TrashBolt for Soft-Pak​

Sell your services directly on your website - Send data to Soft-Pak

TrashBolt for Soft-Pak Software
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Introducing TrashBolt for Soft-Pak. TrashBolt connects haulers to online buyers and allows you to sell your services directly on your website. We locate the customer’s address and take them through the easy-to-use sign-up process. Afterwards, this Sales Data is sent to Soft-Pak for easy and efficient billing, operations, and routing management.

Never before has such a comprehensive, powerful suite of software been offered to the waste services industry. TrashBolt brings sophisticated map-based “buy now” technology to your website where online buyers can view a quote, sign, and pay for services. Then, sales data is sent to Soft-Pak for billing, operations, and route management. Soft-Pak’s powerful in-cab computing brings new sales right to the driver’s on-board tablet. Using both Soft-Pak and TrashBolt will help lower your cost per new customer sign-up!

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Sell Your Services Directly On Your Website with TrashBolt for Soft-Pak

TrashBolt for Soft-Pak: Available for all your services types​