Managed Marketing

Managed Marketing Services

TrashBolt offers new and effective ways to market waste services. With TrashBolt, you can reach customers in ways your competition can’t. We make it easier for customers in your service area to find and purchase your services online, 24/7/365. 

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. More and more, advertising is done online and uses data to target the correct audience. Businesses that can adapt to these changes and create successful, digital marketing campaigns will see greater growth and profits.

Our Services

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Social Media Management and Sales
  • SEO Services
  • Targeted Marketing Based on Mapping
  • Email Campaigns with Buy Now capability
  • Design and Delivery of Print Materials
  • Affiliate Marketing/Charity Partnerships

What We Do

TrashBolt’s Managed Marketing Services will help you reach the online customer by assisting in the following ways:

  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Providing creative services by our professional designers
  • Data Analysis
  • Content Delivery

Managed Marketing

TrashBolt specializes in crafting marketing plans for Waste Haulers based on years of experience in the waste industry. In his article, Marketing for Independent Haulers, Andy Sorensen, founder of GarbageMan and SalesStyrke, shares the methods he used to build GarbageMan from 0 to over 70,000 customers in 9 years and complete a successful sale of the company to a National Hauler. 

Here are the areas that we focus on when developing your custom campaign.

Route Density


One of the keyways a waste hauler can increase profits is to improve route density. Using our mapping software, TrashBolt will evaluate the existing density of your routes and develop a marketing campaign to add new customers in areas with low route density. Digital advertising is then sent to areas with low route density. Google and Facebook ads offer great ROI and allow you to advertise to select groups of people based on location and other factors.

Online Sign Up


Adding online sign up to your website with TrashBolt software is the first step to maximizing your potential. Successful marketing campaigns will drive people to your website and the “Buy Now” button or page.

Print Materials


A successful marketing campaign utilizes a variety of delivery methods. Even as online advertising continues to grow, haulers can gain new customers by combining print advertising such as door hangers, direct mailers, and flyers to gain market share. Our team here at TrashBolt can assist you with design of materials, printing, and distribution. All advertising will include a QR code that when scanned sends the customer directly to the online sign up page on your website.

Search Engine Optimization


Your potential customers are searching online with phrases like “trash service near me.” Is your company on the first page of the search results? If not, we can help optimize your website to move you up in the rankings and help people find you online. Many factors influence search engine results including:

  • Page Load Time
  • Quality of Content
  • Use of Keywords in your Content
  • Secure Website
  • User Experience
  • Mobile Friendly Design (Responsive)
  • Inbound/Outbound Links

Affiliate Marketing & Charity Partnerships


Partnering with companies in other industries can be a win for both parties. What if your local lawn care company posted your “buy now” link on their website with a special rate and you posted a link to their services on yours? Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool for a hauler to grow their business. 

In line with our GarbageBolt for Charity campaigns, we encourage our clients to develop relationships with local charities to establish donation campaigns that link a charitable donation to the purchase of essential waste services. It’s easy! Simply create an email campaign with your TrashBolt “Buy Now” or “Donate Now” button as part of the campaign’s message.

The benefits of this approach are three-fold: charities have a new source of donations, our clients gain new business at nominal advertising fees (sometimes nothing!), and customers get to sign up for an essential service while supporting a good cause. The TrashBolt team will help you with all part of the campaign including:

  •  Identifying Charity Partners
  • Creation and Delivery of the Content
  • Tracking of Results (Using TrashBolt’s Promo Code Feature)

Online Sign Up is the Key!

No matter which direction you are heading in your marketing efforts, the number one goal is the same: being the customers first choice when they purchase waste service.

Once the customer finds you, they need a fast and easy online sign up option on your website. Adding TrashBolt’s online sign up software to your website is the key to unlocking the potential of online sales and growing your business!

Try our Interactive Demo to see what your customers would experience on your website!

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