TrashBolt's Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to become an indispensable and integral part of our client’s growth and sales success via our automated customer self service technology, marketing strategies, and thought leadership. We aim to:

  • Bring immediate value to our clients, providing products and services which yield a rapid return on their investment
  • Provide excellent customer service defined by fast response times combined with actions that quickly resolve our client’s issues
  • Establish a culture of trust, honor, humility, and integrity, both internally within our organization, and externally with our clients.

By offering high value, excellent products and service, along with ethical business practices, we aim to create an essential partnership our clients will never want to end.

Our Vision

SalesStryke, the maker of Trashbolt, seeks to change the way waste industry companies sell their services.  The current paradigm of requiring customers to use a phone or a contact us form to sign up for service is outdated and no longer the consumers preferred method of purchase.  

80% of people expect to be able to buy services online.  Through its innovative map-based shopping cart technology, TrashBolt will apply the online shopping paradigm to the waste industry, aligning how the modern consumer buys with how the modern waste company sells its services.