Master Route Density

Image of markers showing route stops

Master Route Density to the Best of Your Capacity

Image of markers showing route stops

You read that right. Density. It’s the hauler’s key performance index, right? Well, yes, increasing density often increases profit, that’s true. But, density doesn’t tell the whole picture. For a hauler to be truly profitable, we must consider density, capacity, and cost of sale.
So, how can TrashBolt help to increase route density and capacity while lowering your cost of sale? Glad you asked…But first, our company story, the 15 second version (buy me a beer, and I’ll tell you the whole story).
We began as haulers, a very small operations. But, we knew how to sell/acquire customers, how to create density, and how to maximize truck capacity. During one of our marketing pushes we acquired 30,000 customers in 6 months! We were so good at it, our customers and (dense!) routes were bought by a Big National.
But, we kept our proprietary route-based sales and marketing software. It worked so well, we’re offering it to you. And…hilarious story…when the Big National discovered how good our software was, during a post-acquisition meeting the boss asked: “did we buy this?” Words unsuitable for print were exclaimed once they discovered that they hadn’t. True story!

TrashBolt: A Route-Based Sales and Marketing System

From the On Demand Customer piece above, you have learned that today’s customer EXPECTS to buy your products and services online, on demand, now. While TrashBolt offers that solution to the hauling industry, it is not merely a sales portal. TrashBolt is a full-featured Route-Bases Sales and Marketing System.
To a hauler, there are 2 kinds of people, those inside of a route/service area, and those outside. First, let’s talk about people who live inside your routes.

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People Who Live Inside a Route

Again, there are 2 kinds of people, those whom you service (customers), and those whom you don’t (prospects). (If you don’t think this way, you probably should)
For the prospects you don’t service, why?! Who are they? What are all the addresses in a route whom you do not currently service? Why are your drivers driving buy their houses every collection day? What is your breakeven cost on these addresses? How do you market to them to earn their business; densify your route? The answers to these questions starts with the aforementioned list: you need a list of “in route non-customer” addresses. Only then can you market the heck out of that list, picking them off, one by one, until you’ve mastered your density. As for those customers in a route you do service, what services do they currently have, and –perhaps more importantly- not have. Need a list of customers in a particular route (or all your routes) who do not have Yard Waste service? Want to create a text-based marketing notice that offers a link to a yard waste agreement? Want to notify them of a holiday pick up schedule via text, email, or phone? It starts with a list.
TrashBolt is a route-based sales and marketing CRM and contract system. It can generate lists based on custom attributes including service types, active/inactive status, promo codes, and more. These lists become the basis of your marketing campaigns.

People Who Live Outside a Route

If you are seeking to grow your company, expand your routes, what’s the best way to do it? Profitably. And that means, maintaining density and truck capacity.
Scenario 1: A person wants trash service from you. They live 6 blocks from a current route. Do you sign ‘em up? Sure. Now, let’s get smart. First, the TrashBolt system is used to redraw the “polygon” outlining the newly expanded route. That re-draw now includes your new customer’s address, and reveals 17 more non-customer addresses inside the route. Now, let’s produce a list of those 17 non-customer addresses and market the heck out of ‘em. It starts with the list. That’s how TrashBolt is used to grow a route, profitably.
Scenario 2: Route A is at 66% capacity, and 80% density, and already at breakeven. We have to get 80 more customers in Route A to reach 100% capacity. Let’s re-draw the Route A polygon to encompass 100 more non-customer houses and market the heck out of ‘em at a low price (watch for falling prices…sound familiar? This IS Walmart’s strategy applied to Waste Hauling). At the same 80% density, we’ll pick up 80 more houses. At 100% capacity, our gross revenue and net margin is higher. Win!

Image of markers showing route stops

The TrashBolt Route-Based Sales and Marketing System has a user-defined route capacity countdown ticker. It tells you when your truck is full and to stop selling in this route. We didn’t fully explore Scenario 1 yet. That person outside your route who wants service. If they call in, a human being could sign them up if you have the TrashBolt expansion strategy in place. But there’s a 67% chance they’ll sign up online if you give them the option. What then? The TrashBolt CRM system is designed to capture that lead. The mapping system will show where they live relative to the existing route. You decide if you want the TrashBolt online portal to let them sign up, or if you want to capture the lead, analyze their location relative to your routes, and let your sales reps (or our call center) make contact and sell the contract.
The TrashBolt Route-Based Sales and Marketing System allows you to see all sales activity on a map, inside and outside of a route. Scenario 3: Your customer is moving. How do you market to the new homeowner? Do they get thrown into the pot of general prospects? If so, why, when you’ve already got an “in”? That’s YOUR address!
The TrashBolt RouteKeeper™ System is an amazing, simple, extremely effective way to re-capture move-outs. It makes it so easy for the new homeowner to sign up for service. It works like this. A QR code or a text number/string is placed on the cart (either upon initial delivery or after the customer notifies you of the move-out –a brightly colored sticker works great!). That QR/Text number identifies the premise address, (the pick-up location) and the can size. The new homeowner can hover his/her smart phone over the QR code, or text the alpha-numeric string identifier code to a number, and a renewal contract is texted to them. They click the link, add their payment information, and boom! Garbage service. So easy for them! So easy for you! Win-Win!
You decide if a new cart is delivered.
Hauler’s on top of their game will place a renewal label on the cart at initial delivery in preparation for the inevitable move-out/move-in premise renewal, and cycle in renewal RouteKeeper™ codes as opportunity affords.

People moving out loading boxes.

Fact: 1 in Homeowners Move Annually

That means, on average, more than 14% of your customers move out annually. A hauler with 70,000 customers needs 10,000 new customers just to tread water. Why spend a fortune to tread water? It’s better for you, and for the new homeowner, to use the cart that’s already there. Just hover the smart phone, click, pay, done. Customers EXPECT this level of service.

TrashBolt: Putting it All Together

By combining Route-Based sales and marketing, an easy online sales portal, RouteKeeper™ for move-out/move-ins, and a route capacity counter to maximize truck capacity, it becomes clearer how using TrashBolt can result in greater route density and higher truck capacity all at a self-service based (lower) cost of sale.
By giving the customers what they want, they win, and you win.

TrashBolt for Haulers Ready to Win!

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