What Is GarbageBolt

A second chance at the On Demand Customer!
We created www.garbagebolt.com for one reason: customer demand! If you haven’t already, read our article Dear Hauler, Meet the On Demand Customer. In this article you will see an astonishing fact:
Expedia and Priceline control 95% of the online travel booking marketplace. 95%! What does this tell you about what customers want?
Like it or not, the Expedia Effect means buyers want to search online, view their hauler options (and prices), sign, pay, and done. The hauling industry is not immune from this overwhelming fact. While the TrashBolt Software Sales System brings On Demand Customers to your website, what happens if they don’t click through?
Who goes to all of the airline’s websites to buy flights? And then to all the hotels? Answer: almost no one (remember the 95%?!!!) To do that would be time consuming and inconvenient.
The paradigm has already changed; haulers are behind the 8 ball!!
Like it or not, customers compare prices and services. So, let’s get this out of the way up front: In order for a hauler to sell to the On Demand Customer, publishing your rates and services is 100% necessary to meet what 95% of customers have proven they want.
When travel booking sites hit the scene, airlines, hotels, and rental car companies weren’t all that excited about such easy comparisons in prices and services. It felt like a big exposure. Why? Because it is. Today’s buyers demand that kind of transparency when making a purchase. So, the travel industry had to adjust their entire business model to meet the demands of customers. The Amazon Effect + Expedia Effect strike again!
Many of the Big National haulers already know this. Their websites have great search engine rankings (paid ads in many cases), and online sales portals with transparent pricing readily viewable by prospective customers. By meeting the buying preferences of today’s On Demand Customer, they are already winning business you never had a shot at getting.Keep your head out of the sand
Why would they do this? Why would powerful airlines, hotels, and The Big Nationals succumb to this pressure?
Because the most powerful person in business it the customer threatening to purchase
This is a more poignant restatement of the old adage “the customer is always right”. To win this business, you need to follow suit, or become obsolete. If this is a tough pill to swallow, as former haulers ourselves, we understand. Just remember that 95% fact…
Welcome www.garbagebolt.com, a national hauling service booking site
On Demand Customers who Google “garbage service near me” want to search their options, sign, pay, done. Like it not, 95%…This, we will call, The Expedia Effect.
Major hotels often charge more on their websites than they do on travel booking sites, or have premium rooms that their website buyers get vs their travel booking site customers, particularly the travel sites that auction off rooms to create….tah dah! ….density. Sound familiar?
Airlines have created pricing models that rank their “low price” higher than their competition. Want more luggage? $25. Want a better seat? $100. Want breathable air? $25.
GarbageBolt exists so you get a second pass at the On Demand Customer who, for whatever reason, doesn’t click through to your website. Customers who don’t click through to your website (even with the TrashBolt System in place!) will find GarbageBolt (our SEO strategy is just rolling out, and designed to rank highly).
It’s not just price. In fact, it’s almost never price…
So, it’s all about price then, right? The lowest price wins? Not necessarily. Remember that customers pay for the convenience of buying online, right? And, just like airlines and hotels, there are significant service distinctions. Flight dates and times often dictate the price of the flight, as does the seat quality (first class vs the non-reclining back row seats…).
Hotels that allow pets, have better parking, or have a workout facility, command a greater rate as well (pet deposits, onsite parking ramps, resort fees, etc). Shoppers will pay for the features they want. Your low base rate gets them in the door. Your distinguishing “strategic differentiator” allows you to charge a premium.
What will your service distinctions be? How can you distinguish your services from other haulers? Are you the only hauler in your area to offer concierge service (non-curbside pick up)? Do you offer weekly recycling vs every other week? Do you have better yard waste service? GarbageBolt will work with you to find your niche, your way of commanding a premium for your unique services. As customers search options, your distinguishing characteristics might make your company a buyer’s only option.
the garbageman
OMG! Now I have to think!
Yep. We’re here to help. As former haulers who sold to a Big National, we know this stuff. And …seriously…we’re excited to help you in this endeavor. To us, this is fun. We know we’re good at it.
TrashBolt + GarbageBolt + GarbageBolt for Charity = Win!
There’s that little book called “Where’s my Cheese?” It describes how companies respond to change, and what is a good vs bad response. It’s worth a read. The customer threatening to purchase is driving this change. Haulers will win or lose based on their response to The Amazon Effect and The Expedia Effect. We are here to help you win.
Our system, our suite of offerings, meets the On Demand Customer on their terms.
TrashBolt + GarbageBolt + GarbageBolt for Charity. For Haulers ready to Win!