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When faced with charitable giving, today’s buyers love to give while purchasing. Just look at the dramatic rise of products like Toms Shoes and Love Your Melon. These businesses make giving easy. And they’re a wearable, public mark of “social responsibility” that today’s selfie-obsessed buyer is dying to flaunt on social media.
“I’m a good person because I buy responsible products” is the message.
Love the earth
The waste industry has picked up on this from the “we’re green” perspective. Environmental responsibility has been a marketing angle (and sincere desire for many) for over a decade now. But what of today’s charitable buyer? How can we help them help others?
GarbageBolt for Charity: Buy waste service with love
The TrashBolt Software Sales and Marketing System for haulers is not just software, it’s a complete methodology to satisfy the On Demand Customer that includes an online sales portal on your website, an SEO strategy for your website, (a national online booking service for the waste industry), and GarbageBolt for Charity, a product charities use for donation campaigns.
Many charities are facing a generational difference in how people donate. The days of our sweet grandma pulling out her checkbook from her roll top desk to mail a donation to her favorite charity are are coming to an end. Charities have been looking for ways to reach today’s younger, still philanthropic, donor ever since. GarbageBolt for Charity gives charities a way to conduct donation campaigns for On Demand trash service buyers who are also affiliated with the charity itself.
Climb to the top
Charity first, then hauler.
Many companies proudly (and laudibly!) give a percentage of their profit to charities. But this method of charitable giving doesn’t resonate very deeply for many buyers because the company is choosing the charity, and not the other way around. Customers -donors- want to start with the charity, or the act of charitable giving, and then buy the product. Hence Tom’s Shoes and Love Your Melon. The charitable act is the first call to action. And that’s how these brands have grown and thrived!
GarbageBolt for Charity was designed for charities to conduct email donation campaigns to donors already in their database (paper campaigns are made possible with a promo-code). Presumably, the charity’s database contains people who love and donate to that particular charity already. Donation campaigns coming directly from a charity to its donors with the message “buying trash service through us = a donation!”, the purchasing act starts as a act of donation to a charity the buyer already values.
This has a far greater impact on a buyer for 2 key reasons: 1) the buyer is in fact a donor first -the purchasing act started as a donation, and not the other way around, and 2) the donor chose the charity, and not the other way around. Haulers that give to charity are to be commended. But the bottom line: the hauler chose the charity, not the donor. And that’s key to today’s donor.
Garbage can
The fact that the donation met the needs of the On Demand buyer is also key. Planning ahead to give to your favorite charity isn’t how donors are donating anymore. Instead, charities are hoping to combine recurring credit card donations with donations that result from product purchases. Linking a donation to a product purchased by nearly everyone is ideal.
In these ways, GarbageBolt for Charity is the right answer.
TrashBolt: Promo Code Giving
In addition to affiliating with GarbageBolt for Charity, haulers have two additional options for charitable giving. A hauler can work directly with a charity to create a campaign, or the hauler can create the campaign.
In working with a charity, a hauler need only provide the URL link to the hauler’s TrashBolt system directly to the charity. The charity itself creates the campaign, email or paper. A “buy now” button is in the email, a promo-code in a mailer. Either way, On Demand Customers use your online portal to buy your services. This is powerful, as the act of purchasing starts as an act of donating.
Stacked hands
Haulers can also choose to launch donation their own donation campaigns using TrashBolt. If a hauler has an email database (if not, you need our route-based CRM sales and marketing tool!), a hauler could easily launch a hauling campaign to customers and non-customers alike. Simply pasting the “Buy now” or “Donate” button/URL link in the body of the email campaign works well. Giving your customer a choice of charities with a listing of promo-codes tracks the donation activity.
How the donation is collected, either as an “add on” donation (“give $5 to the children?”) or a proceeds from profit (a fixed or variable amount) is all up to you. TrashBolt can accommodate.
Be good. Look good. And make me look good!
Buying waste services with love is a winner. Everyone wins. First and foremost, charities that do good work receive a an excellent campaign option, a tool that links a donation to a service just about everyone needs and buys. And the hauler helps that cause while earning new customers.
Haulers that advertise their charitable giving on their website, with the TrashBolt “Buy Now” button at the ready, should do so, absolutely! This can only result in more charitable giving! And the message to donors/buyers is social responsibility. Because it is.
Buyers love this way of giving. They look good, they feel good, they win!
TrashBolt. For Haulers ready to Win!

Brought to you by The TrashBolt Software Sales System.

Author: K Ryan Hasse. CEO SalesStryke Software, creators of The TrashBolt Software Sales System for Haulers, GarbageBolt, a national online waste services booking site, and GarbageBolt for Charity, the loving way to buy waste services.

K Ryan Hasse has started several companies, including several tech companies from capital raise to sale. He is actively involved in business consulting, helping businesses reach their goals. Most importantly, he’s a happy father to a special needs daughter whom he loves dearly. It’s all for her.