Crap We Got Another Sale


Crap! We got another sale! Now what?

For some organizations, not just haulers, getting a sale can be downright inconvenient. For haulers, it means conveying to the customer their pick up day of the week, their first pick up date, their rate with taxes and fees, where they fall in the billing cycle, crediting promotions (like free months), delivering a cart, entering their information into your billing and operations software (SoftPak, Trash-Bid, etc), updating the route, etc.
If you add mobile sales teams (door knockers), paper contracts, charity fundraisers, commercial sales, dumpster sales/rentals, and a whole plethora of product and service types, not only does the probability of error increase exponentially, but so does the possibility of disappointing (and losing) your customer.
Raise your hand if you’re a hauler who’s sales staff have never made a mistake or angered a customer, if everything runs 100% smoothly from sales to billing/operations, if your cart delivery system is 100% efficient, and your staff works harmoniously, efficiently, and error-free, well then you can stop here. No one? Sounds about right. So, read on.
TrashBolt streamlines all of this, and more. How? By first presenting the right product and pricing agreements (based on customer location) and collecting all of the sales field data at the point of sale. Point of Sale (POS) systems are absolutely commonplace. The hallmark of a good one is what happens behind the scenes. They’re not just fast, convenient, and preferred by the customer (read above), the data they collect during the purchasing process is very valuable from an organizational efficiency and data accuracy perspective. In a perfect world, 100% data integrity would = no organizational errors, and no angry customers. Customers expect 100%.
The data collected by the TrashBolt portal, after the customer selects their products, signs, and pays, kicks off a series of behind the scenes activities. A cart delivery work order is generated. All of the data required for billing and operations (name, address, product/services selected, etc) are available to access via an open API, or via an Export (.xls, csv, user defined). Reports of sales activity can be emailed instantaneously or in user defined intervals. This data efficiency applies to mobile users, your mobile team (or outsourced), or even the neighborhood champion who’s trying to get the whole block to convert to you as a hauler.
In the TrashBolt Enterprise system, your customer information is uploaded into the CRM system. This is what allows the system to verify if an online buyer is an existing customer or not (some haulers give out promos/promo codes to new customers only –this is how you densify a route!). Every time a new customer is added, the CRM is populated with the customer attributes, services, products, and contract parameters. For commercial accounts, this is particularly valuable, as you can store lead data such as “when is the existing commercial contract up for renewal”, and a tickler to contact the customer.
Frankly, there are too many features to list here relative to efficiency, accuracy, sales, marketing, and connecting to billing and operations. If you’d like to learn more, contact us to schedule a demo. We’d love to show you this excellent solution!
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