The Cart and Science behind today’s On Demand buyer

Price-Cart-Pedia-Ocity: The Cart and Science behind today’s On Demand buyer

Get it to me now! Fast! On time, the first time, at the push of a button! And I definitely don’t want to talk to anyone. This is what today’s customers expect. When a cart delivery window is too long, or a hauler misses a cart delivery, they lose business.

In 2017 and ‘18, our call center reps sold residential services for a hauler -a really big one- that had a up to a 16-day cart delivery window. When a new prospective customer would inquire as to when they got their cart, a large percentage of those customers would terminate the sale so as to search for a hauler who could better meet their needs. Price didn’t matter. Discounts, promotions, the color of their cart, company story…all the stuff we try to sell to a customer…didn’t matter. They just wanted their cart. Now!
Imagine it from today’s On Demand Customer point of view. They’ve just moved into their home. Everything is in disarray. They’re looking at a pile of garbage in their garage. They just want a cart and their problem solved. Right Now! If you haven’t already, you’ll want to read the “Dear Hauler. Meet Today’s On Demand Customer” article.
To further demonstrate today’s buyer, according to Expedia, “11th hour” travel booking for “today” and “tomorrow” are up over the last five years, despite the fact that last minute travel is often more expensive than planning ahead. Buyer’s don’t care. For better or worse, buyers are not planning ahead. Rather, buyers are placing a premium on products and services that solve their problems on demand. On demand-ocity is now part of a product’s value!

Because “on demand” services are themselves on the rise, customers apply this mindset to every purchase they make, including trash service. This mindset, often referred to as The Amazon Effect, means the hauler must deliver the right cart On Demand, as soon as possible after its ordered, or exactly when it’s scheduled.

Digital Work Orders
The days of writing a cart delivery date on a sticky pad while you’re cramming down your lunch are over. As soon as a sale is made, or a cart is requested by the customer, the e-wheels of delivery must begin turning. That means keeping it all digital. The cart and delivery information must be collected in digital form so that the information can be sent directly to the person or department responsible for delivering the cart.

The TrashBolt system is for use by self-service customers buying online or mobile. It can also be used by your sales staff and customer service representatives. When a customer signs and pays for their service, all the data is collected and ready to be sent (or api) to your billing and operations software. If the cart work order can be imported, we can do that. If an email or text to the cart delivery department or personnel is the method of choice, we can do that. What’s important here is that the person or people in charge of the cart delivery get the information as soon as possible. This allows for better delivery planning, accuracy, and speed.

Do as we say, not as we do!
Trend upon trend, business segment upon business segment, all indicate that customers aren’t planning ahead as much anymore. Instead, customers expect the companies they do business with to plan ahead, almost as if they’re saying “you do the planning ahead so I don’t have to!” Convenience and speed of purchase, satiating the On Demand mindset, is part of the product you sell, even if it comes at a premium price. This is how today’s modern hauler wins in this market.

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