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Lead Management System

Expand Your Territory & Grow Your Business

Maximize every lead’s sales potential with TrashBolt’s Lead Management System app. 

TrashBolt’s Lead Management System (LMS) leverages the communications capabilities of the Customer Notifications System for the purposes of following up with sales opportunities.  In this way, our LMS performs the basic capabilities you’re looking for from a CRM system, but is totally integrated with your sales channels (Sales Entry System & Online Signup System), and your communications platform (Customer Notification System & Data Sync).  

  • Create follow up and/or initial campaigns (e-blast, text, phone app, more)
  • Campaigns can be automated, such as follow up campaigns to new lead inquiries
  • All leads from the CSR team (via SES) and the online system (via OSS) flow into LMS for follow up
  • Automated marketing workflows maximize the sales potential of each new lead 
  • Track campaign performance, including response rates, revenue generated, more.
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Complete Integration With the TrashBolt Apps

Unlike off-the-shelf CRMs, our Lead Management System is totally integrated into the TrashBolt family of apps.  With a traditional CRM a hauler must spend a lot of time and money, with specialized and expensive expertise. This is all to hopefully create a data integration process that brings the campaign to a lead, a lead to a sale, a sale to billing, and notifications to new and existing customers.  If you’ve already gone down the path of attempting to integrate a CRM into your business, you know what we’re saying here. Fortunately, TrashBolt has solved most of these issues with its family of apps. 

Finally!  The totally integrated CRM functionality you’ve been looking for!

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