About Us

TrashBolt Software

Trashbolt is a member of the SalesStryke family of products and services for the waste management and hauling industry. SalesStryke offers a geo-location based online shopping cart that provides service availability and pricing to your customers based on their service address.

We offer incredible value to our customers because our system is a Customer Relationship Management System, Contract Management System, and a Geo-Location Sales and Marketing Platform all all in one, delivered at a cost far more accessible to small to medium sized companies than other options.

We understand small to medium companies don’t often have the time, staffing, or budget to design and implement a system as sophisticated as SalesStryke.  We’ve designed our system to deploy rapidly (in as little as 10 days), and to be “Turn-Key” or “Self-Service”, whatever meets our customer’s needs

We seek to deliver a State-of-the-Art mobile-enabled system balanced by economy so our system is affordable to even very small companies.  State-of-the-Art is meaningless to small companies if they can’t afford it.

Our Value Proposition to our customers extends beyond software.  Our call center, website/SEO services, and business/financial consulting helps position our customers for explosive growth.

SalesStryke seeks to deliver a high quality customer experience, meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.  To accomplish this, we value transparency, honesty, and value to our customers and employees. We don’t over promise or under deliver.  A lost sale on honest grounds is better than a sale won by dishonest means.

K Ryan Hasse