Enhance Your Current Software with TrashBolt

Enhance Your Current Software with TrashBolt

Integrate TrashBolt Software for All Your Automated Sign-Up Needs!

Technology has vastly improved many business processes, but to maximize efficiency, increase sales, and streamline workflow all of your systems need to work together. TrashBolt online sales software and its various components make it possible to improve efficiency and lower the cost per sale by integrating with other software such as your CRM or billing and operations system. 

TrashBolt's Add On Components & Features

Customer Service Portal TrashBolt

Customer Service Portal​

TrashBolt’s Customer Service Portal makes it easy to streamline the workflow of signing up new customers when fielding incoming calls. The Customer Service Portal is an easy-to-use online form built around the powerful mapping data in TrashBolt.  CSR’s can enter an address, quickly answer a customer’s questions, and sign them up for service. 

With the Customer Service Portal, CSR’s can easily check service day, exact pricing with taxes and fees, or any other variable information. And when a new customer is signed up, the data is sent to your billing and operations system. 

Online Shopping Cart

Incoming calls can easily overwhelm your staff and lead to unhappy customers. TrashBolt’s online signup software will free up your staff to deal with service issues and keep your customers happy. 

Our online shopping cart is customized to match your service area, pricing, and services. We make it easy for customers to signup online and find out the details of their service in just a few minutes. Not only does this free up your staff to deal with other issues, but you can also now sign up customers 24/7!

People expect to be able to buy products and sign up for services online! TrashBolt makes it possible to offer this convenience to potential customers on your website. 

TrashBolt Online Shopping Cart mobile
TrashBolt Online Shopping Cart
Document Management System Dashboard TrashBolt mobile
Document Management System Dashboard TrashBolt

Document Management System

Would you like to be able to see at a glance a list of all the people who have viewed a quote on your website or signed up for service? Of course you would, that is why with TrashBolt you have access to an easy to use Dash Board with up-to-the-minute reporting of all activity on your TrashBolt online signup system. TrashBolt makes it easy to view the contact information of people who viewed a quote so that you can quickly follow up and close the sale!

Not only can you use our document management system (Panda Docs) for monitoring sales, it can be used to send other types of documents to your customers such as terms and conditions or welcome packets and, when needed, collect an electronic signature and payment. 

Door to Door

A successful marketing approach includes many elements such as print advertising, email marketing, digital ads, and door to door sales. 

Waste Haulers can use the TrashBolt system to allow their door-to-door salespeople to show a customer a quote on the screen, sign them up, and collect payment. All of this data is instantly available in the dashboard of your document management system.  

door to door e-sign mobile TrashBolt