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May 2024 Release Date

Customer Notification System

Communicate Efficiently With Customers

Our Customer Notification System (CNS) is a powerful communications platform that notifies your customers via text, email, phone app, customer service portal & more.  Notifications are customized, can be automated, or generated as a one-time event to a specific grouping of your customer database.

Effortlessly Send Your Customers Notifications

With TrashBolt's Customer Notification System, you can send notifications of all types, including:

  • Roll off drop-off and pick up notifications
  • Cart-out reminders for residential trash/recycling customers
  • Delayed service notification
  • Customer notifications to all, some, or one of your customers
  • Send via text, email or phone app
Text notification on phone trashbolt software. 'Dumpster Update. Your dumpster is arriving tomorrow between 8-10am.

How does the Customer Notification System work?

The design is simple to use, yet powerful and efficient at reaching all, some, or one of your customers.

  • CNS imports data from your existing billing/operations system (Soft-PakTrashFlowNavuSoft, Trux, Tower, more).  Learn more about Data Sync here.
  • CNS allows you to filter that data to identify the customer(s) you’re looking to notify
  • CNS makes it easy to generate a Notification Campaign via text, email, or phone app
  • Campaigns can be immediate, scheduled, or recurring
  • Filters and Campaigns are saved for future use
Email notification on phone. ' SPRING CLEANUP TIME! Order your dumpster at our special rate. ORDER NOW (button)' popped up from mobile phone.

Easily Create Different Notification Types

By using our Customer Notification System you can create one-time, scheduled, and/or recurring notifications.  Derived from Data Sync data, the CNS can generate all sorts of notifications that the hauler can switch on and off.  The hauler also determines the method used for a specific notification type.  For one notification campaign, the hauler might want to send only email notifications, while choosing email and text notifications for other notification types.

When the hauler activates a notification (by switching it on), the hauler also chooses by what method the notification will be sent.  There’s a carrier charge per text message (the CNS rate is usually lower than any other option), so not all notifications need to be via text.  The notifications the hauler activates, and the methods by which that notification is sent, become the customer options when they opt-in to receive those notifications.

Easily Create Different Notification Types​ inside the Customer Notification System.

Customer's Opt-In & Settings

TrashBolt’s CNS is built to be FCC compliant.  That means customers can choose which notifications they want to receive and the method by which they want to receive them.  They can choose the phone number and email address to which the notification is sent on a per notification type basis.

As an example, Grandma pays the bill, while granddaughter lives at the address.  The billing notification can go out by email to grandma, while the cart-out reminder notification goes out the night before, via text, to granddaughter.  These can be recurring notifications.  

Another example would be the customer receives a text notification that their dumpster is being delivered.   The “tonnage overage” additional bill due notification goes to that customer by email, after the dumpster has been picked up.  

The ability for a hauler to determine the notification type and delivery method, combined with the customer’s choice in which ways to receive the notification, makes the CNS extremely effective and practical.

Customer Notification System offers Customer's Opt-In & Settings​

Find Specific Customers You Want To Notify

Advanced Customer Notification System Filter

After a Data Sync to your backend customer database, you can find the exact customer(s) you’re looking to notify with the CNS’s powerful data filter. Filters can be attached to new or existing campaigns. Customer settings determine who receives the notification, and by what method. Filters can be named and saved for future use. 

Customer Notification System offers a filter for campaigns and notifications

Create Compelling Notification Campaigns

Now it’s time to create a notification campaign.  Using a wizard style user interface (UI) tool, the process is easy and intuitive. 

Step 1) Select the name of your campaign.  This can be saved for future use.

Step 2) Select your delivery method.  The example below shows 2 options, text and/or email.

Step 3) Select or create a new filter to identify the group of customers you wish to receive the notification.  You can also upload a custom list created outside of the CNS’s filter/database.

Step 4) Select if this is a one-time, scheduled, or a recurring notification.

Step 5) Design the email and/or text content of the notification.

Step 6) Send the campaign. 

Customer settings determine who receives the notification (via opt-in), by what method (text, email, app), and to what specific phone number and/or email address.

Campaign delivery msg with all methods of email, text and app within the Customer Notification System