Customer Dashboard

Help Customers Reach All Aspects Of Their Service

After signing up for service, either via the Online Signup System, or the Sales Entry System used by CSRs, the customer arrives at a landing page called the Customer DashBoard.  On this dashboard, customers are able to:

  • View hauler message(s) to customer after signup (Welcome, Thank you, etc)
  • Create their username and password for future access (via the hauler’s website)
  • Manage their Customer Notification System preferences: notification types, methods, and destination/recipient
  • Commence their AppBolt Download
  • View or download a Welcome Packet (optional)
  • Access their Customer Service Portal
  • Receive service status notifications: balance due, payment date, day of week/schedule
  • Pay their bill (hyperlink to Web-Pak, Trash Billing, etc)

From this dashboard, customers can reach all aspects of their service.

Customer Dashboard Icon