Company History

From successful garbage hauler to outstanding software company for haulers

Trashbolt is a member of the SalesStyke family of products and services for the waste management and hauling industry.

SalesStryke grew from the successful founding, operating, and selling of a garbage hauling company called GarbageMan, Inc.  Our system isn’t just software, it’s a way of thinking. Before we go into that, here’s a little history about our beginning.

Garbageman, Inc., started as a tiny garbage hauler in 2008.  But, we got it right, because for many years in a row, GarbageMan was one of the fastest growing companies in the country, even reaching number 71 in Inc. 500 magazine.  Our growth was explosive. To achieve and manage that growth, we developed a sales strategy that resulted in customer density, and a healthy bottom line. Guess what? It worked.  GarbageMan was sold to Waste Management in late 2017. Our team realized that we could do the same for other haulers, and other industries.

Now, we’re here as SalesStryke to bring managed growth and efficiency to your company.  SalesStryke isn’t just another online sales portal, it’s a sales and marketing system. We combine technology with call center sales, and add business strategy and financial consulting services to help your company grow smartly.  Our real world experience means top and bottom line growth for your company.