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Capture Online Buyers with TrashBolt Software

Let Your Customers Signup Online 24/7/365 !

Capturing online buyers with TrashBolt Software - customer laptop with view quote for waste services

TrashBolt Software completely automates the new customer signup process for haulers. In reality, most customers shop online. They want to select a service, view a quote, sign up for service, and pay. Fortunately with TrashBolt, you can capture online buyers today! 

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How is this done?” Well, let’s take a deeper look into Trashbolt.

TrashBolt is based on sophisticated mapping technology that first “geo-locates” the customer. In order to do this accurately, the mapping technology determines whether or not the customer lives in the hauler’s service areas (the routes organize into “sales polygons”).  If so, the customer can sign a service agreement. And of course, TrashBolt brings this functionality right to the hauler’s website.

TrashBolt Polygon Area Route Based Mapping Determines Customer Service Status
Flow diagram with sales flowing to billing and routing software. Online inquiry goes to CRM to sales which leads to billing and routing software.

Afterwards, once the sale is made and paid for, TrashBolt sends the sales, financial, and work order data to the hauler’s billing/operations/routing software.  Leads can be emailed to CSR/Sales Reps, or sent directly to a CRM system such as:

  • SalesForce
  • Sugar 
  • Zen Desk
  • Zoho
  • etc.

In other words, we are integration experts. Your TrashBolt system can be turn-key; no special skills or staffing is required.

With TrashBolt, new sales channels will open

The TrashBolt system is mobile enabled, allowing outside sales teams, motivated customers, or even charities to sell your services on your behalf (sales that benefit a charity are a powerful way to sell while doing good!).

buy now diagram with TrashBolt

Capture Online Buyers with TrashBolt Software Today!

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