An Online Shopping Cart Specifically for Haulers

  • Automated New Customer Sign Up
  • Display Service Day
  • Show Exact Pricing
  • Provide Payment Portal
  • Custom Integrations Available 
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Here's what our clients say about how TrashBolt has helped them grow their business...

"We started using TrashBolt about 6 months ago and the entire process with them has been a great experience. I would highly recommend it to any waste hauler who wants to expand their current customer base and keep up with the digital market trend."
"I thought I'd let you know we had a record high of new customers for the month of September. We normally have around 250 - 300. We had 848!!!! 336 of them were Trash Bolt customers!!! There is no way humanly possible we could have answered that many calls and processed that many new customers without Trash Bolt!!!!

I consider your company a gift from God. And I'm very serious about that. It has been a true game changer for us."

Adams Sanitation added more than 6000 customers in 3 months with TrashBolt, tripling their size!
“It’s been a crazy couple months but the real fun work is about to begin. We’re thankful we have the Trash Bolt system to get us through it!”
Workstation slide with Panda docs to view customer data
Workstation slide with Panda docs to view customer data

Buy Now Button

Deploy a “Buy Now” button on your website. TrashBolt Software completely automates the new customer signup process for haulers. In fact, most customers shop online. They want to select a service, see exact pricing, sign up for service, and pay.


The customer enters their information to see exact pricing. Pricing is determined by address and service type. As a result, anyone who sees pricing has their information imported into a CRM of your choice and labeled. (eg. inquiry, new customer)

Schedule Service Day

The service day, can delivery day/window, exact pricing, and payment portal are presented. Therefore, the customer receives all necessary information to feel comfortable with signing up. Most importantly, there’s no need to bother customer service for general information.

Customer Data​

New customer information is imported into your current billing, operations, and routing software. In short, integrating to your current software saves valuable time and office resources. Custom apps are also available upon request.


Treat all inquiries that didn’t sign up as standard email inquiries, maybe offer a deal to close the customer. Meanwhile, track all new sign ups to analyze marketing efforts.

TrashBolt website integration with Buy Now button

Dear Haulers

Master Your Density

Be Mobile

A route density focused sales and marketing platform that meets today’s On Demand buyers with a self-service portal that deploys on your website!

An Online Shopping Cart Specifically for Haulers

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